A.L.I.G.N.: Achieving alignment in terms of goals and perspectives is a key part of ensuring success. Our five-phase model is more of a philosophy that surrounds our coaching approach, rather than a methodology that dictates how we approach each client. It’s also a way for our clients to navigate through the coaching process in a way that simplifies and categorizes the concepts:

  • Assess your baseline: In this phase we assess our client’s needs with detailed assessments, combining interviews and/or customized 360° feedback instruments with other psychometric and validated assessment tools.
  • Leverage: In this phase we leverage our client’s strengths and opportunities to create a new way of approaching leadership and organizational challenges.
  • Integrate your strategic goals: In developing action plans, it’s important for client’s to integrate and align with their organization’s strategic goals and leadership brand.
  • Grow your advocacy: A key part of ensuring success requires that clients think about their entire network of sponsors and stakeholders who can be organizational advocates.
  • Navigate your action plan: This is the part where our coaches provide ongoing support and check-ins to continually evaluate progress and hold our client’s accountable.

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