Leadership Leverage Group, LLC is an executive coaching and leadership development firm that partners with organizations in identifying and aligning strategic goals, developing talent, and designing sustainable training solutions that meet dynamic business needs. We link executive learning and development to organizational results that impact your bottom-line.

Our experience across multiple industries, diverse cultures, and various organizational structures, has given us a vast pool of knowledge, experience, and process rigor that serves our clients.

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Unlike many training companies that offer strictly off-the-shelf solutions, Leadership Leverage Group recognizes the importance of customizing initiatives to meet your company’s specific needs. During this phase, we gather both qualitative and quantitative data through interviews, focus groups, and documentation review, identifying the pertinent people and/or process issues impacting your business.

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on communications initiatives whether it’s training managers how to communicate with their subordinates or rewriting reports that were not developed effectively the first time. The objective for this training session is to enable participants to write with clarity, speed and purpose.

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